Hazard Advice

hazardadviceRegular inspection by Worthy Tree Care enables any defects and hazards to be identified, appropriate remedial action can then be recommended and undertaken.

Many trees can live for years with little problem, but their status can change due to growth patterns and weather, some trees mask issues by appearing healthy, hiding serious defects.

If the trees are growing in parks, gardens, footpaths, car parks or roads, there is potential for damage to property or injury to the public.

It is best practice to inspect trees regularly so that hazards can be identified early, reducing risks.

It is always important to demonstrate as well as carry out a duty of care.

Trees and their defects can be a habitat for wildlife including bats and birds, invertebrates and other organisms, some of which may be protected.

Hazard Advice evaluation not only identifies the liabilities and risks involved, but also understands the important ecological contribution to habitat many situations provide.